I am proud to be part of the Curriculum & Innovation Helping Teacher team in Surrey British Columbia. My primary responsibility is to support teachers, administrators, students and parents where classrooms are communicating learning in an ongoing and personalized way with digital portfolios and shifting away from summative paper report cards. I began my journey with digital portfolios as a  grade one teacher where I saw a disconnect between my practice and formal communication of learning with parents. The opportunity to document learning in a timely, descriptive and collaborative way transformed my practice and opened new doors for my students. I believe in the power of student ownership and authentic parent engagement to support learning for all students. The process of learning is incredibly valuable and I enjoy facilitating workshops, working alongside teachers and engaging in professional dialogue where we unpack the purpose of grading and the role of teachers in the 21st century. In addition to many district based workshops and conferences I have also presented at ERAC IT4k12 and the UBC Teacher Candidate Conference 2016.

twitter @mrsfadum

email fadum_karen@surreyschools.ca


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